Favorite Christmas Scents

Yes, here I am with ANOTHER "favorite" Christmas list. Some of my favorite things about Christmas are the scents that come along with it. There are tons. And you know what I'm talking about. You smell something and you think "that smells like Christmas!"

1 - Twisted Peppermint// This is the body wash I have right now and it smells SO good! Every time I smell peppermint anything (I have peppermint/candy cane chapstick also) I automatically think of Christmas!

2 -Merry Cookie// I have this scent in the 3-wick candle in my room. It smells so good! It definitely smells like cookies, and it's pretty strong. You can definitely smell it all around the room!

3 - Hot Chocolate// I drink hot chocolate pretty much every day in December so obviously when I smell hot chocolate I think of Christmas!

4 - Pine// This is definitely the most obvious scent of Christmas. It's the smell of all the real Christmas trees! They make so many things that smell like pine, candles, air fresheners, etc!

5 - Winter Candy Apple// I have Winter Candy Apple as a wallflower scent in my dorm and it smells so good! It's strong, but not overpowering! It's perfect for a small room like a dorm.

6 - Vanilla// I always associate vanilla with Winter. I don't know why but I do! It just smells warm and cozy!

What are your favorite Christmas or Winter scents?

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