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Not unlike any other preppy girl of this generation, I’m obsessed with Pinterest. Completely and totally. I have 43 boards and 13,101 pins. I can’t help but spend hours pinning my future house, crafts, cute outfits and animals. I love love love Pinterest. I thought I would share my favorite things to pin about, and my most topped pinned boards. 

I love pinning things about weddings. I feel like I pretty much have Kayla and I’s wedding planned out. I’ve found about a hundred dresses I love, plenty of flower arrangements and venues. And because of Pinterest I find a new color scheme I love every day. 

As you can tell, fall is my favorite season. I LOVE it. On this board I pin everything related to fall. Outfits, house decorations, crafts, pretty pictures, and so much more. It’s definitely my top pinned just because of how obsessed I am with fall.


My dad is a chef, so I grew up around food, trying a thousand recipes, and loving almost all of them. Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of cooking my own food since being on my own. So my food board definitely has come in handy so I’m not having chicken and rice every night!

Now we all know I’m obsessed with planning and organizing, I have an entire board dedicated to it! I have many things pinned here like organizational stuff as far as school, and for the home! And my studying and note taking board, I’m obsessed with finding new and better ways to study and notetake. I love learning how to be a better student!

I have so many pins in here about how I wish I could dress, but I’m a broke college student, so I can’t. But we all can dream right?

What are your favorite Pinterest boards?

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