Perfect Football Game Outfits

This is an article I wrote for DISTRICT MAGAZINE. Go look for it to see how it turned out, and all the other amazing articles written by some awesome girls. 

With college football season winding down a little bit, and the Super Bowl approaching closer and closer, there’s still a few games you could be attending. At East Carolina University, all of the girls dress up to go to the football games. I’ve never seen that before until I started going here. I’ve started to love the look of dressing up for football games so I’ve put together a few outfits that would be perfect for your next chilly football game night, all centering around your riding boots! 

This outfit is perfect if you want to be comfy and warm. The jeans, riding boots and the warm pea coat allow you to still be able to jump around and cheer for your team! Substitute the yellow scarf with your school/teams’s color!

If you want to be a little more dressed up, grab your little black dress, throw on a pea coat, with tights, and riding boots. Also, use a cross body purse to be able to store everything you might need inside. Don’t forget those tickets! 

For an even more comfy look, go to your student store (or your team’s store) and buy a spirit jersey! Pair it with a plain white long sleeve tee and dark wash jeans. Don't forget your finger-less gloves and a bow for your pony tail!

Visit my Polyvore to scroll over each picture to find an item! (http://allygagliardo.polyvore.com)

What are you favorite looks for football games?


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