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One thing I’ve loved since being a little girl is magazines. I’d always make my mom buy me “M” magazine, “J-14”, and Tiger beat. As I’ve gotten older obviously I don’t read those magazines anymore. Although I’m an Interior Design major, when I get older I would love to work for a magazine. Maybe an Interior Design magazine! I thought I would share my favorite magazines!

Seventeen// Even though I’m 19 I still read 17 magazine and I love it. They give awesome advice for love, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! 

Cosmopolitan// I love Cosmo because it’s a little bit for the older crowd, a little bit older than me I think. But they also give good advice. They give real stories about real life things that people go through. And I love that. 

People, Us Weekly, etc//  I know, I know. They’re my guilty pleasures. I love hearing celebrity gossip and it’s all the stories wrapped into one magazine!

Teen Vogue// I mysteriously got a subscription to my house? I have NO idea how I got it or why. But I used to not really like Teen Vogue but since it started coming to my house, I’ve started to really like it! Their fashion style is a little out of my league but it’s still fun to look at!

These are about the only ones that I read regularly. What other magazines do you guys read?

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  1. Ah, my guilty pleasure! I have ALWAYS loved Cosmo! With its food & drink recipes, career advice, relationship tips, real life stories, and tons of hair & makeup & style inspiration... It was kind of like Pinterest before Pinterest was a thing!


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