Things It's Not Okay To Say To Gay People

Once in a while I'll be talking to someone, and they'll say something and I'll just look at them like "are you kidding me!?" Although some people might not necessarily be trying to be rude, there's just some things you probably shouldn't say.

"So how do you like, do it?"// I don't care if you're just curious, and you're just actually wanting to know. Our sex life is just that. Our sex life. If you're really that curious, google it. You'll get a lot of hits, I promise.

"Faggot"// This is the number one way to piss a gay off. Don't EVER call someone a faggot. Even as a joke. Gay people get called faggots daily, so no, it's not funny to call your buddy a faggot for doing something stupid or different.

"Are you sure you're gay?"// UH, yeah. I'm pretty sure. Considering I find pretty much nothing about men attractive.

"Do you believe in God?"// For some reason, I thought my religion and beliefs were my business. I don't ask you if you believe in God every time you have premarital sex, get a tattoo or a hair cut, or get drunk. Don't question me just because I'm trying to be happy about something I can't control.

"You've never liked me, have you?// Just because we're gay, doesn't mean that we like everyone of the same sex. If you're that narcissistic, chances are no, I don't like you.

"Let me take care of you, you've just never been treated right by the right man/woman"// If any one ever said this to me, I honestly think I would punch them directly in the face. This is just ignorant.

Never ask to "experiment" with a gay person. We're not here to fulfill your inner fantasies or fetishes. We're gay because we can't help it. We were born this way. And we just want to be happy.

If you're gay, what do you hate that people say to you? If you're straight, what do you hate that people say to you also? Have you ever said anything like this?


  1. Sometimes it surprises me the things that people say. :( The last one though, that makes me shiver! It's so creepy!

    1. I know right! Sometime people just don't understand!


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