Snapshot Sunday

I know it's late, I got distracted because some family friends came over! But here is my snapshot Sunday!

1// This week I had a really healthy dinner consisting of a grilled spinach wrap with turkey and cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, and hummus and pita bread.

2// My mom sent my roommate and I a Halloween care package with 3 scary movies, candy, socks, fall nail polish, glow sticks, a Starbucks gift card, apple cider and some decorations!

3// This is the nail polish my mom sent me. It's a really cute deep purple, with orange, and yellow glitter on one of the nails.

4// Sweet little Eleanor and I made the trip back home.

5// Got to spend some time with Luna!!

6// My mom, sister, and I went to a local farmers market and I got a mini pumpkin and the cutest little plant ever.

7// Kayla and I were talking about getting a dog so we sent each other some pictures of dogs we liked from pinterest!

8// My mom and I went to a "Zumbathon" today. And it was.....interesting to say the least.

9// Now I'm watching the Walking Dead Marathon and studying for my Biology test!

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  1. Aw you can take your cat outside on a walk? That's so awesome!!

    1. We just put her on a leash so she doesn't run away, she doesn't quite get the concept of going for a walk lol!

  2. Is Zumbathaon kind of like that Dancing marathon on Gilmore Girls where people dance for a bajillion hours until the last person stops moving?

    1. Kind of! It was basically just to donate to charity and burn some calories at the same time!


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