Gay Marriage in NC

As I mentioned in the five things last week, gay marriage is finally legal in my home state, NORTH CAROLINA! I honestly never thought I would see it so early on in my lifetime. I just knew that North Carolina would be one of the last states to legalize it.

It's honestly so exciting! When I heard the news I couldn't help but feel so extremely happy for me, my girlfriend and all those couples who have been waiting years for this moment. If you follow me on my personal twitter, you know I pretty much blew up twitter tweeting and retweeting about the gay marriage legalization.

But, we couldn't even have one day. Of course, every one who is gay, or supports gay rights was so happy and tweeting about it on Friday. But, with every few positive, happy tweets, there were negative ones too. I saw some saying "Now let's just push Christ out of the nation more now" OH. OKAY. Cause that's totally what's going on. I saw a screenshot of some texts that were sent:

Overall, the support I saw on social media was astounding! And seeing that map up there is so amazing! 30 down, 2 to go! 

How do you feel about gay marriage progressing so much, so fast?


  1. I am so glad the fight for gay marriage is being won. And that text exchange is priceless, I would buy dinner for the guy giving the smackdown to the bigot!

    1. Lol, so would I! I'm happy about it too! (Obviously) Thanks for the support!


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