Snapshot Sunday

This past week has been okay. Not too bad, but nothing too special either. After being at home last weekend, being back at school had me feeling kind of blah. Plus I woke up on Monday feeling like crap with a runny nose, sore throat and just generally feeling bad. By Saturday though, I started to feel a little bit better.

I borrowed a phone from a friend until I get my replacement in the mail. So I'm back to join Jess again for Snapshot Sunday!

*The top three are from last weekend!

1// My family and I ran (walked) a 5k in honor of our friend who passed away from Lung Cancer. It was quality family bonding time, and we got to raise some money for a good cause!

2// My cousin had her 5th birthday party, and it was Frozen themed. And boy do I love me some Frozen!

3// Just a little Selfie for your Sunday

4// It's really hard to see here, but this week I drew a drawing of a doorway/hallway and I'm SO proud of it! I have never really drawn anything that good!

5// Kayla and I waiting at the bus stop!

6 & 7// My roommate and I decorated our dorm for Halloween and it looks SO cute! I'll have to post full pictures sometime because you can't see it all in these right here but seriously it's so cute and cozy!

8// My roommate and I waiting in line for the Future/Acehood homecoming concert. I'm not a rap fan but I didn't want her to go alone so I tagged along. Plus the guy behind us tried to photobomb, so we just included him into our snapshot!

9// And yesterday was GAME DAY! ECU beat SMU 45-24 and it was so much fun! College football > high school football. 

How was your week?

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