5 Things

Last weekend, I went home. I haven't been home in three weeks so it felt good to go home and see my family, and have some down time. We walked a 5k race together in honor of a really good family friend who we lost to lung cancer. We went out to dinner, did lots of shopping, got some Halloween decorations for my dorm, went to my little cousins 5th birthday party and just had some good family time. Also, I borrowed a phone from my sisters friend, so I actually do have a phone! Yay! Now, only two months until I get the iPhone 6.....

Here are my 5 Things for the week:

1 - Coffee// I have been living off coffee for the past few days (read: weeks). If I have time, I make a cup using my Keurig in my dorm before I leave and drink it while I get ready. If I don't have time, I try and grab a drink at Starbucks before class. I got almost no sleep the last two nights and our homecoming concert is tonight, and so to be able to make it through it, I plan on getting some coffee after my next class!

2 - District Magazine// District Magazines second issue, October, is out! I'm super excited! Go and check it out if you haven't, I'm super proud of it, and all the girls that contributed!

3 - Halloween// I'm super super excited, that now It's finally Halloween month! And yes, I said that right. I pretty much do celebrate Halloween all month. The second it hit October 1st, my roommate and I decorated our dorm with everything my mom bought for us. I took lots of pictures so stay tuned on Sunday for my snapshot Sunday post!

4 - Coupons// I am broke you guys, honestly. I don't have a regular income. I used to work for my dad, just to help him out a couple of times a week, and that supplied everything I needed/wanted when I was at home. But, now that I'm not in my hometown anymore, I don't have a job. Interior Design is a really intensive major, with 4-6 hour drawings due every two days. So I really don't have any time. Although I'm broke, if my friends want to go out and do something, I'm not going to deny myself the fun times with my friends. That's where coupons come in. I will seriously go on a hunt to find coupons for EVERYTHING. And if it's on the dollar menu/ in the dollar section, that's probably where I'm headed. Since managing my own money, and not really having parents to send me money all the time, I've learned to suck it up, and use a coupon.

5 - Red Lipstick// I've been trying to do a little bit more daring things with my make up lately. I usually just stick with foundation, blush, mascara and the method of eyeshadow I've been using since I started doing make up. Now, I see girls rocking red lipstick and I wish I could do that! So I bought some cheap red lipstick to try it out and I love it! I love wearing red lipstick with just a simple outfit to make everything pop! I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but it turns out I can! So if you haven't tried it, you should!

What are your five things for this week?

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  1. I love the magazine you guys put together! How do I subscribe??? I also started following you on bloglovin so I can read more of your posts. I understand the Keurig thing, trust me! lol, I would die without my coffee...also that's awesome you guys did the 5k for your friend :) I lost someone to lung cancer so thanks to you for them as well.

    1. Thanks for the follow and the support girl! I don't know if you can subscribe to the magazine ITSELF but here are the social media handles concerning the district:





      Girl, trust me, my Keurig is my life! I've done the 5k every year since 2009, and I love being able to support and raise money for lung cancer! :)

  2. I am jealous. Red lipstick is not something I can pull off. My lips have a lot of natural color and anything other than chapstick just looks silly on me! I am obsessed with coffee, though. My favorite time of year is right after Thanksgiving, when Starbucks introduces their Christmas-y flavors (eggnog latte, creme brulee latte...)

    1. OMG I love the Peppermint latte! It's so good!

  3. I am totally with you on the coffee one - I have stopped at Dunkin Donuts almost every day after school this week to get a coffee! I feel like I can't be able to get things done or be productive without it!

    1. Totally! I don't think I could get anything done without it!

  4. I love wearing red lipstick!! I usually only wear it for game day though. Halloween is my favorite holiday!! Can't wait for it!


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