Fall Outfit Must Haves

As you guys know now, I LOVE fall. I get super excited about this time of year every year. I love Pumpkin spice Lattes, pumpkins, apple cider, the cool air, the changing of leaves, but especially, the outfits I get to wear. I have so many more cute outfits for fall than I do for summer. Today I'm going to give a few of my absolute favorites that I need this year.

Yes, I'm a typical white girl and I LOVE riding boots. I already have a pair, but who says you can't have two. I wear my riding boots with pretty much everything during the fall, and into the winter. They look great with sweaters, button ups, sweatshirts, with leggings, and jeans. 

For when you want to wear boots, but don't want to get your riding boots messed up! Here in ECU (Everybody Carries Umbrellas) it rains ALOT. It's absolutely necessary to have rain boots. Especially when it starts to get a little cold and just plain old tennis shoes aren't going to cut it!

I love over-sized sweaters because they're comfy, cozy, and they still look cute. You can dress them up with a scarf, jeans, and riding boots. Or you can dress them down with leggings, rain boots and a monogram hat. 

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories in the fall and into the winter. They keep you warm, and they perfectly accessorize any outfit. I love this scarf right here. It looks big, comfy and it comes in plenty of different colors perfect for any outfit. (And it's cheap too)

Recently, I've started really liking the slouchy beanie look. I got one for Christmas last year and I love it! It looks so cute and it actually does keep my head and ears warm!

What are your fall outfit must haves?


  1. I LOVE the riding boots and the scarf!! Fall clothes are the best clothes!

  2. I'm definitely glad it's boot season again! Scarves too. :) Not sure I'm ready for beanies and hat hair though ....

  3. I almost bought that exact scarf the other day!


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