Double Standards

As you may have noticed from my Why Feminism Is Important post, I'm a feminist. I believe that men and women should be equal, and the media these days just aren't getting it. It's important for women to not be immortalized just because they are women. If you follow me on Tumblr, you might have seen me reblog this post. And it inspired this post.

A few days ago, these pictures of Nick Jonas hit the news, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, EVERYWHERE.

These aren't even the end. There's so many more that I couldn't even bare to keep searching for. These included him facing away from the camera and showing a portion of his butt, him wearing nothing but underwear (again), and these are just the ones I've seen on social media.

When these first surfaced, I was really upset, but I couldn't put a finger on exactly why. But after seeing this tweet (I quoted it, that's why the original tweet is not there), I knew why.

Heidi Klum LITERALLY saved two people from drowning and people are focusing on her nip slip. Excuse my language, but are you shitting me? At first, I hoped it was a joke, but it turns out, that's really all that they cared about. Heidi Klum can save lives, and in the process, accidentally have a nip slip, and all hell will break loose. BUT Nick Jonas can willingly pose almost nude and he's praised, worshiped and sought after because of his new "hot bod".

But, when Miley Cyrus decided to move on from her life associated with Disney, she was called a slut, whore, and that she needed to stop being so provocative because little kids still looked up to her. Are you kidding me? I was 10-12 when I started watching Hannah Montana. I'm 19 now so what kids are still watching her?

Miley Cyrus can't sing about her boyfriend of YEARS, kiss him, and get depressed when they break up, and finally be able to go off and do her own thing, and be who she really is without people getting upset, but Nick Jonas can willingly pose near nude and girls will be praising Jesus that puberty hit him right. 

What do you think?


  1. First of all, ew. Nick Jonas is attractive but I do not need to see him grabbing his crotch and showcasing his manhood. No thank you, if I want to get intimate with a guy, the only time I want to see the bulge is when I'm in the mood. Other than that, EW. Secondly, I hate that the media grabs ahold of the female body - and now that male body - sexualizes it, and places it on display. Why can we not see our bodies as attractive, and then move on from there? I only want my husband to see me in all my glory; I don't want the world to point out that yes, indeed, I do have boobs.

  2. Ugh. It really is sad :( I think it's great that you cover these type of issues though.

    Also: That Jonas guy is alright looking, but now I feel kind of gross, hahah.

  3. I have to say this made me start thinking about the recent leak and hack of the female celebrities nude photos and how disturbing it is. Yet, the public wouldn't have had the same reaction if it were Seth Rogen or Will Ferrell. It's disgusting that the media feels it has the right to photograph and spread these images for the glory of a sale.

  4. I totally agree with you. Women's bodies are constantly shamed in media, even super models like Heidi (whom I adore!) I mean, thank god she saved them! The ocean can be scary! ...Just like society is scary.

  5. Ugh, double standards like this TOTALLY frustrate me, too!!


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