Five Things

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I hope everyone has an awesome, fun, and scary Halloween! I have lots of stuff to do today between registering for classes, taking a shower, eating, getting ready, going to Kayla's and a bunch of other fun stuff for Halloween! So I'm going to get right into my 5 things for this week!

1 - Care Packages// I feel like my mom sends me care packages more than any other parent. She loves doing them! I'm currently waiting for one right now, and she's going to be super mad if I don't get it today! If you're in college, what's your favorite thing to get in a care package?

2 - Muddy Buddies// My mom sent me some little packets and OMG they're so good. I'm seriously obsessed. My roommate ate all of hers in like one day! We got the Halloween editions, but any type of muddy buddy is good for me. There are TONS of recipes on Pinterest if you're interested!

3 - Registering for Classes - College style// I didn't realize the struggle until I got here. It's literally like the Hunger Games but for classes. No one wants and 8AM. And 9AM's are like 8AM's ugly step sister. Fortunately, (by the grace of God) I don't have any classes before 12! I get to sleep in! Thank God!

4 - Dexter// I'm not sure if I've put this in a 5 Things before, but if I did, oh well. I LOVE this show. I recently started it and I'm on season 3 already. It's so good. And I find my self rooting for him even though he's a killer. It's a pretty twisted show, but I love it! I definitely recommend it!

5 - Halloween// It's HALLOWEEN! Sometimes I forget that Halloween isn't the entire month of October. It's just one night. I found my self sad that it's all over, but it's actually barely even begun! Halloween is ABSOLUTELY insane at ECU, there's supposed to be at least 10 other town's police officers in town for tonight. So everyone wish me a safe night! I hope everyone has the best time!

If you still don't know what you're wearing or you just got invited to party and you have nothing to wear, or you're having a party and you still don't know what kinds of snacks to put out, see What You Missed This Week for some posts for ideas!

SEND ME PICTURES OF YOUR COSTUMES! Write on my Facebook wall, tweet me, tag me on Instagram, or email me. I'm going to do a costume roundup post the week after Halloween and you might be featured!

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  1. I always get confused when people say Muddies Buddies because we call it puppy chow here! It's soooo tasty though!!

    1. It really gets called either! Sometimes people call it muddy buddies and sometimes it's puppy chow!


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