Snapshot Sunday

Seeking Individuality

Today I've decided to join Jessica at Seeking Individuality! (Click the button to find her awesome blog!) I think every week I'm going to start doing this link up, since no one is responding to my emails about the guest post they signed up for... And I realized as I was about to write this post that I didn't take many pictures from this week. So hopefully I'll be more inclined to take pictures to share on my Snapshot Sunday Posts! Thanks to Jessica again for hosting the link up!

1// This is my first sculpture I just finished for my Interior Design Fundamentals Lab Class! I'm really proud of it, and when I go to class on Tuesday I'll take a picture of the finished project!

2// My little sister sent me this picture of my kitty this week and I couldn't help but miss her so much after seeing how absolutely precious she's being!

3// Kayla and I woke up and went to walmart this morning for the sole purpose of buying food for breakfast! And it was so good! I love lazy Sunday mornings with my girl!

Well these are the snapshots of my week/weekend! Feel free to head to Seeking Individuality to join this link up!


  1. I can only imagine how you must feel! I'm excited to go to college next year but I'm going to miss my kitty so much!

  2. Thanks for linking up with me Ally!! I'd be SO happy if you joined again next week! And that breakfast looks delicious. :)


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