5 Things

When people tell you college is hard, they aren't lying. I've been working non stop since I've gotten here. People underestimate the amount of work Interior Design is. And how hard drawing is. People have told me "You get to draw all day, how is that hard? You could be doing book work" Well first of all, try drawing for 6 hours straight, AND doing book work on top of that! ANYWAY. I've been super exhausted this entire week, and I'm going to use this weekend to catch up on sleep. On Sunday I went home and I got to spend so much quality time with my beautiful kitty:

And yesterday I finished my project for one of my classes (this isn't the finished product - I don't have a picture)

So here's my five things for this week:

1 - 9/11// Yesterday was 9/11, and while I'm sure you already have, we should reflect on the lives that were lost that day 13 years ago. 

2 - Shake It Off by Taylor Swift// Honestly, I'm really angry at this song. I've been listening to Taylor Swift for a really long time now. When I was about to start my freshman year, I listened to "Fifteen" and cried all the time. But when I heard this song I was so mad. Because it's not her. You can't even tell it's her voice, and honestly I just feel like she sold out to get more radio play. But regardless, this song is so catchy and I can't help but sing along and dance to it. And after watching the video, I love how she's basically making fun of herself and how people make fun of her for dancing bad. 

3 - Stacy's Pita Chips// Oh my god I'm obsessed with these. They're SO good. And they're actually not bad for you. (my reasoning when I eat the whole bag in one sitting. They're good by themselves or with hummus or any other kind of dip!

4 - five below// There's this place in Greenville that I discovered yesterday called "five below". It's AMAZING. It's like the dollar store, everything in there is $1-$5 and it's actually really nice stuff. They have name brand make up, clothes, toys, trinkets, candy, organization things, decorations, etc. I got a Happy Halloween sign for our dorm door for $1! It's really awesome. I was shocked at how cheap the stuff was, but also how good the quality is too. You should definitely check to see if there's one in your area!

5 - Pumpkin Spice Latte// I know, I know. I'm a super white girl. But I can't help it. Pumpkin Spice Latte's are back! I have yet to get one, because I'm trying to wait until it gets a little cooler out. But you better know the first day it's even a little bit chilly, I'm grabbing me one on the way to class!

What's your five things for this week?

What you missed this week:

I know this is a day late but, I'm still trying to develop a set schedule, so bare with me! I know I was supposed to have a guest post last Sunday and this Sunday, but the girls who were supposed to have yet to email me back. So maybe I'll write up something special! Thanks for continuing to read even though I'm not being consistent at all!


  1. I am so in love with how catchy Taylor's new song is. It is a very very different version of her but it's fun. And that's enough for me to turn it up and dance!

  2. College is always a lot of work! I had a photography class and I thought it'd be easier than my business classes...but it wasn't at all! It had WAY more hours involved in the dark room lab and stuff! I'm sure you're doing great though! I made so many PSLs at work today, it's fall all right haha!


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