Pre College Worries

As most of you know, I'm starting college for the first time ever in 11 days. I can't seem to make up my mind if I'm scared, or super excited. It SERIOUSLY changes day to day. Friday I was SO sad and scared, I was crying pretty much the whole day. Saturday, when I was shopping, I was so excited and I couldn't wait to go. Yesterday, I was scared out of my mind. Today, I'm really indifferent. It's such a crazy, and new experience  having to pack up all of my stuff in boxes and move to a new town. I was laying in bed last night and thinking "oh my god, I'm going to miss my room." That's a crazy thing to miss.

But I'm going to give some of my pre college worries and hopefully some of you relate.

  • Not doing well in my classes
  • Pissing off my professors because I'm not good enough
  • Getting lost
  • Not having time to eat lunch (My Tuesday Thursday classes are back to back from 9-5 with only 10 minute breaks in between)
  • Missing my family
  • Missing my kitty
  • Missing my room
  • I can't have candles and I hate that
  • Not adjusting well
  • Getting in fights with my roommate
  • Crying nonstop when my family leaves
  • Not being able to handle everything I have going on
  • Not making any friends in my classes
  • Not making any friends in my dorm
  • Not being organized enough
  • My room being a mess and not being able to fit everything in it
  • Not having enough money to do things I want
  • Forgetting something at home
Please let me know if you have the same worries, or if you have any different ones, because I might have left some out!


  1. Those are totally normal worries! But! You will rock it. College is hard maybe the first two weeks, but once you figure out where you're going, you'll get in the groove. Pack a lunch & some snacks for your crazy Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Oh, and Nalgenes. Keep those around at all times so you don't have to pay for water bottles! If you can keep communication open with your roommate, then you two probably won't have as many fights!

    1. Thanks girl! I'm trying so hard not to freak out! Thanks for the advice :)

  2. You'll figure it out! I promise you that college is the best time of your life, so don't be afraid to enjoy it. If you have any questions ever, I'm here!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. These are normal. And I had the same worries. They quickly wear off if you get involved and don't let these things ruin your college experience! So cheer up and enjoy all the amazingness that college has to offer :)

  4. It was a loooong time ago for me, but I had very similar worries. Sometimes change can be scary, even if it's a good change. Best of luck to you as your start your 1st year of college.

    1. Thank you very much, I'm sure everything will be okay!

  5. Those are all normal worries! I pretty much had a panic attack each night the week up to I left for college the first time. It was totally fine. Most colleges make you do all these adjusting type events that help you meet people even before school starts. And then when it comes to classes you will develop insomnia and get all your work done do not worry.

    1. I know everything will be fine in the end, but I'm still nervous! Thanks for helping though :)

  6. This is totally normal! Everything will work out in the end, just remember--
    -stay on top of your school work, because that is the reason you are in college and you are PAYING for it
    -most professors don't get to know their students unless you go up to them, so introduce yourself
    -have an idea of which direction you are going and remember there are hundreds of other students going to these classes for the first time
    -pack lots of snacks (I always carry snacks in my bag and water, because food on campus gets expensive)
    -technology is made so you can keep in touch with everyone
    -they have the the flameless candle plug in that is really nice to have!
    -DONT GO HOME ALL THE TIME, it will make you more homesick and you won't want to go back to school
    -keep your dorm room door open every so often and play some music you are more likely to make friends and get to know others
    -keep track of what you spend and try to use your food card for most things!

    You are going to have a GREAT time! Be excited, this is a whole new adventure!

  7. Wow! thanks so much for all the feedback. Thank you very much for all the effort to making me feel a little bit better! You're great!

  8. i am scared of the same things! some of them, well. I am scared i wont be good enought or that my room will be to crowded and small and messy :(

    1. Same! I feel like I won't have enough room for everything and my room will be crazy!

  9. Before I went to college, I was super excited, but I also had a bit of anxiety. It was my first time really being by myself. If you didn't have all of these worries, then I would be so jealous of you. I think things will end up a lot better than you may think they will. College is such an amazing experience, and while not every day is full of sunshine, it's still so incredible and so fun, and you'll look back at this time as the best days of your life!

    1. Thank you!! I know it's normal, but you're right, if I didn't have worries something would be wrong!

  10. Awe Bless your heart sweet girl! I'm old enough to be your Momma! Lol! You will be fine! My little sis goes to Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga and she had all the same worries a few years ago when she started. And these past three years, the worst thing she's had to deal with was sharing a communal bathroom with everyone! Good luck! But u don't need it! ;-)

    1. Lol, I don't care! We're all friends here! Hahaha, I definitely am worried about the bathroom situation, lol! But I'll get used to it!

  11. When I was going to school I was terrified. Mainly about not making friends. The tuesday/thursday is going to be tough, Pack yourself a lunch and eat something in class! Either youll fit everything in your room or you can give some of it to your parents to take back and if you forget something just order it on amazon. Trust me college will be amazing and 3 weeks in you'll forget all about your fears.

    My advice: Study for classes but dont stress! I have tons of friends who got no sleep first semester because they were terrified of failing. Find a balance and accept that you will not get an A in every class. But do all the extra credit, homework and dont be afraid to make a study group when you need it!

    Good Luck!

    1. Thank you! I know in the end everything will be fine. Thanks for the advice :)

  12. My advice: just breathe!
    I was just like you before I left for my first year. There are a ton of things to be worried about but there are ALSO a ton more things to be excited about! It's normal to miss your family and friends... check out my latest blog post on how I coped with that!
    If you ever need any help with organization or study tips ask the people that have been there! Make friends with fellow freshmen but make a few friends who are older as well... their advice is priceless and you will cherish having someone who will look out for you! Good luck!

  13. Try to go in with as much of an open mind as you can! Everything will be absolutely fine in the end and you'll see why many people say college is some of the best years of their lives :) I remember being really scared, but it's important not to let fear hold you back!

    Best of luck!

  14. I can tell that you're going to do really, really well. How? Because you're actually worried about all of this! :) Seriously, though--in my experience, the people who got the most out of their college experiences were the ones who were interested enough to WANT to get emotionally involved in the entire thing. My advice for starting college would be: 1) talk to everyone. They are all just as scared as you are! During my first few weeks, I would just go up and sit down with people who were alone at the cafeteria. They were always happy to have me, and I met some great people that way! 2) If you're worried about your classes, go talk to your professors. Yes, some are total grumps, but 90% want to help you. As a former college Lit prof, I can attest to this fact. 3) Candle warmers will become your best friend. I hated that candle rule, too.


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