Guest Post: Perfect Reading Nook

Hello there! I run the blog over at Bookworms in Dresses, where I blog a lot about books along with some other lifestyle things. Almost like, the lifestyle of a bookworm! Today I’m here to share with you my tips to creating the perfect reading nook!

As a bookworm from the third grade onward, I’ve made reading nooks everywhere! Especially inside my desks, so I could read in class. (Oops!) But, my normal reading preference would have to be while lying in my bed. Since nowadays I do the bulk of my reading before going to bed. Regardless, it’s still nice to craft yourself a little reading nook!

For the perfect reading nook I suggest:
Close proximity to books, preferably an arm length away. There is nothing more aggravating than curling up in the perfect spot, finally getting comfortable, relaxing for the first time all day to suddenly realize you forgot something on the other side of the house and you have to get up and grab it. You know the moment you get up, you will never get quite that comfortable ever again. So, please, make sure you have your books close at hand!!

Your comfort drink of choice; sitting on a coaster. The coaster is to protect your house, don’t want to spill things all the time like I do! My drink of choice is always tea, but perhaps you prefer coffee? Regardless, being able to sip on your warm drink while reading is always a wonderful addition to the reading nook.

Blankets, blankets, and did I forget to say blankets? There is nothing better than cuddling up in a cocoon of blankets with a book in hand, ready to sink into the realm of fiction and fantasy for a few hours. Plus you’ll be toasty warm! Although, if your preferred reading nook is a table at your favorite coffee shop, a large oversized sweater can easily replace blankets in that situation.

Ample light. Perhaps a window? I love reading by natural light, so sitting close to windows is important! If there are plants on the windowsill, it makes this even better! Not to mention, if it’s nice out, then you can open the window and the breeze will help flip your pages! If you prefer reading at night make sure you have enough light! You have to take care of your beautiful eyes!

Optional things to further boost the wonderful-ness of a reading nook:
A reading partner. Sometimes it’s nice to read side by side with someone, even if you don’t talk. Not to mention, it’s fun to trade favorite books with someone, so that way you can discuss things later and they can go on a rant about why they loved the book and you can tell them why you loved the book you gave them, and then bond over books!

A reading pet. Having a cat curled in your lap while your reading is a lovely experience. Or maybe a dog curled at your feet. A bunny in your lap? Believe me. Reading with a pet is just so nice!

When I move out of my condo and into a new place, the first thing I will do is create my reading nook. My bedroom might just have a mattress on the floor and my kitchen might be full of unopened boxes, but you bet I will establish the reading nook first! In fact, if you’d like you see what I think the perfect reading nook would be, you can check out my “PerfectReading Nook” board on Pinterest! There is nothing more important to a bookworm! 

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  1. A reading nook is definitely on my "must have" list for my first house. I love this list! Thanks for sharing :)


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