Jewelry Staples

Ever since I was younger, I have LOVED jewelry. My mom always did, and I took after her. I have over 30 necklaces right now. It's pretty excessive. I love all kinds of necklaces. And I have all different types. I'm going to give you my favorite, and how to wear them!


I LOVE long necklaces like this. The layers look so well on and I love the jewel accents. I have so many necklaces like this and I wear them all the time. 

What to wear them with: 
What I like to wear them with is a solid color long sleeve or 3/4th length sleeve shirt. I mostly wear them with button ups, and I have no idea why. I just think they look the best with that. 


Pearls are definitely my go to necklace. They look good with anything, and can instantly dress ANY thing up. They always look classy and I love that. Yes, my pearl necklace is from Walmart, my previous one broke and I needed one for an outfit I was going to wear so I went to Walmart real quick and bought one, mine was cheaper, about $6. But it's super durable, I've had it for over a year and it's still fine. And you can't tell it's too fake and from Walmart. 

What to wear them with:
I always wear them with a v-neck shirt and casual jean shorts a lot. But obviously, they look good with a plain dress when you're going out, or a nice top, jeans, and heels if you're looking for the casual and more dressed up look. Pearls pretty much go with anything.  It even looks good with T-Shirts, I wear mine with some of my ECU shirts sometimes.


I have this exact Marley Lilly Statement necklace. I love it! I think it's so cute. I love statement necklaces because you can wear plain everything, but throw this necklace on, and suddenly, you have a cute, and put together outfit!

What to wear it with:
I wear this necklace with a light blue v-neck shirt. I recommend wearing statement necklaces with v-neck shirts to really make sure they pop!


I originally got my monogram A necklace from the Jewel Box, but I think my next one I get, I'm going to get from Marley Lilly. I love my monogram necklace, I'll wear it with pretty much anything. It's so classy, cute and definitely personalized. 

What to wear it with: 
A V-neck, plain shirts. I would stick with something low cut!


I love bubble necklaces. I guess they are also considered statement necklaces, since they're so big. I have a black one, and also a pink one. People try to over charge for them, but like here at Charming Charlie's, you can get them for $10. I think they look good with anything and they definitely make a statement, plus they come in every color. 

What to wear them with:
Honestly, they work with anything. I wouldn't wear them with anything too busy, just for the fact that they already have so much going on with the necklace it's self. 

Arm Candy: 

Watch: Similar 

I often wear a watch, my Pandora and a tiny cat bracelet my mom got from me. I also wear a Feburary birth stone (I don't know what it is) promise ring from Kayla from two years ago on our 1 year anniversary. They all easily go together, or separate!

What are your jewelry staples?


  1. I need a monogram piece super badly. I have lots of jewelry thanks to working with a jewelry company.

  2. Alex and Ani's! I have four and I love the jingle!

    1. I've never heard of that, I'll have to look that up!


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