Day 6 - Favorite School Memories

Day 6! Today I'm talking about my favorite school memories. Unlike many other people, my middle school years were my best years. High school was really fun, and I loved it. But in middle school, I thrived! I don't know why or how, but I had so much fun. I'll never forget my middle school years!

Here are some memories (from all of my schooling) that I'll never forget!

  • Going to Carowinds with my 6th grade class
  • Building a popsicle stick roller coaster
  • Going to my first MHS football game
  • Going to my first MHS football game and sitting in the student section
  • Being a senior and getting to sit in the student section 
  • Getting to walk to class with Kayla
  • Meeting Kayla!
  • Having a group of amazing friends my Freshman year
  • Getting/going to get school supplies
  • Getting our school issued laptops
Thats all that I can think of right now!

What are your favorite school memories?

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