Guest Post: Sometimes the Positives Outweigh The Negatives

Ashley Clayton is a recent college graduate of Hiram College in Ohio. However, she is a southern California girl and loving every minute of it. She currently blogs over at twe1ve2.wordpress.com about anything and everything that makes her smile or frown. With hopes of becoming the next Samantha Jones, Ashley is currently attempting to peruse her dream of working as a Publicist in Los Angeles.

When I was 10 my brother and I promised one another that when I turned 14 I would move in with him because…basically we’re best friends (even though he’s 9 years older than me). Before I had the chance to my niece was born and that sort of changed everything. I didn’t move in with him. I stayed with my parents and my niece. He went to college, played basketball, and did everything in his power to become an amazing father and stay an amazing brother.

As I got older I never really forgot our promise I just never thought about it.

When I first entered college I had no idea what life after college even was. I couldn’t fathom the thought of not being in school. I have had my life planned out since I was a kid. Go to school, study, save the world, and go to school some more. In that order. School was all I knew but now I’m done with school. Or at least done for now and living with my brother and niece...FINALLY!

It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a lot of fun. Basically, we’re all different people at different places in our lives. My niece is 8. Her interest includes: basketball, glitter, and anything sparkly or pink. My brother, 31, enjoys basketball, vintage and modern-like furniture, and not spending money. Do you see where I’m going with this?

We recently got an apartment together and now we’re stuck with the task of interior decorating. How do you even decorate a home when no one has the same taste? Even our fridge represents what our life is like. You have my olive oil and vinegar salad dressing, his balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing, and my niece’s ranch dressing/bbq sauce (because everything apparently is better with bbq sauce).
Most people would find this irritating and 73.4% of the time it is.

But then I wake up to an attempt at breakfast in bed from my niece instantly the percentage dwindles down. Or my brother comes home with carne asada taco’s off the taco truck because he knows I need to eat.

(Carrots, pretezels, gummy bears, and strawberry breakfast plate for me by my niece)

Yeah we fight, and argue, and bicker over who gets what blanket because we barely have any right now. Our mattresses are currently acting as a couch and bed because we can’t decide on living room furniture.

But we’re progressing.

Just the other day we brought our first set of pots and pans. Even if they’re from Wal-Mart it’s still pretty exciting to think we finally agreed on something.

Yeah, it’s going to get tough living with my brother but if I could survive college. I’m pretty sure I could survive picking out a couple of couches.

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