Day 1 - What I'll Miss About Summer

Hey everyone! I’m teaming up with Orly from _____ and Jenna from _____ for the Back to School Blogging Challenge! I’m sure you’ve seen the photo in my sidebar and now it’s finally time! Today’s topic is Three Things You’ll Miss About Summer. I love summer so much. I really do. I feel like I get so much done, but at the same time, you can do literally nothing! So here are my three things!

Reading// During the school year, I hardly have any time to read and it sucks! I love reading! During the summer, I usually read about 15-20 books. I love it. Instead of handing out around on my computer on Tumblr or Pinterest, I’m more inclined to pick up the book I’m reading instead!

Much Ado About Nothing// During the summer, students can get away with doing pretty much nothing! Aside from a job, house hold duties, and a blog if you have one, you really have no responsibilities! So I love to just lay around, watch a ton of movies, binge watch Netflix and eat a crap ton of ice cream. 

Times With Friends// In the summer, you can call your friends at 10 PM and go grab late night ice cream. Or go to a party, or just watch movies and have a drink and a sleepover with your best girl friends. You have way more freedom to do whatever you want so I like to take advantage of all of that! 

What are your favorite things about summer?


  1. I'm absolutely going to miss doing basically nothing. It was grand!

  2. I LOVE reading. I'm going to try to get up earlier this year and make time for reading. LOL. That's a funny thought.


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