Best College Advice from Bloggers

I've been on the hunt for tips from bloggers about college, and organizing. So I've compiled a list of my favorites! They're all really great, and I'm going to incorporate each of them in some way to my college life starting on Friday!

Organized Charm:
This girl is amazing! Here are some of my favorites:
Syllabus Assignment Spreadsheet
Class Folder Organization 
How to Take Better Class Notes

College Prepster:
Organizing Your Desk While Studying
Intense Study Tips
Keeping Track of Assignments

How to Stay Healthy in College

The Holladay Life:
How to Organize Your Binders

My Life As Hayden:
What to Pack For college
Surviving Your Closet
Everything Else

And from me:
Pre College Worries
The Ultimate College Packing List
Dorm Supplies
Before College Clean
Study Tips

Do you guys have any other good links? Or your own you would like to share?

ALSO, I would like to tell everyone, that I have been nominated for the Leibster Award. I have been getting many nominations, and I want to thank you all SO much, but I already have it! Thank you! :) [I am putting the photo in my sidebar now!]

AND I moved all of my badges or things I'm involved in down to my footer! I'm still involved, don't worry! Just looking for a cleaner sidebar!


  1. Good luck on your first day of college!

    Although it's from last year, I wrote a post with some general tips!


  2. Good luck with college! You're going to do great, I'm sure. :) I loved the syllabus assignment spreadsheet post on Organized Charm too. It's so helpful to keep track of all your assignments and your syllabi.

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  3. Good luck with your first day! This year is going to FLY BY! I'm so glad you found my posts helpful!


    1. Thank you!! I definitely did find it helpful! You gave some really awesome tips!

  4. This is such an awesome way to share college tips! I really like the post about college folder organization and staying fit! Two important things if I do say so myself! Thanks so much for participating in the linkup!!

    1. I love link ups! I like seeing what everyone else has to say, that I otherwise wouldn't get to see! Thanks for reading!

  5. This is such a great list of posts to help out!!!!

  6. Love this list! I am heading into my junior year at college but always on the look out for more college tips!

  7. EEK! Yay! Thank you, Ally!! I hope that your first weeks of college have gone smoothly! College Prepster is the only other blog I’ve heard of on that list so now I’m super excited to check out some of these other blogs you've found! Thanks for this post!!


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