Guest Post: How to Be Happier Right Now

Are you feeling under the weather lately? To simply put it, feeling unhappy? Unless you are Grumpy Cat, you are not going to be cute being all grumpy and negative! I am Syaza of Bloobs Blurbs (http://bloobsblurbs.blogspot.com), a beauty and lifestyle blogger, and today I am going to share with all of you a couple of tips on how to be happier right now!

1.     Search for Your Inner Peace – Do you know? Meditation helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces stress; research shows that people who meditate regularly are a lot happier than those who don’t. But how? According to Simon Reynolds, author of Better Than Chocolate: 50 Proven Ways to Feel Happier, choose simple words such as calm, love or peace, and repeat that word to yourself either aloud or in your head for 10 to 20 minutes. If there are thoughts popping in your head during the session, ignore and just return to your repetition.

2.     Smile! – If you smile, you are more likely to feel happier. And it’s contagious to other people too, so if they are happy then you are going to be too!

3.     Fake it Honey! – People always say, fake it til you make it. Pretend that you are roleplaying as a happy person; most people who did so felt genuinely happier within minutes of the performance. If you move like you’re happy, you begin to think happy. Try it, you will be amazed.

4.     Pocketful of Sunshine? – What I meant to say here is, go and catch some sunlight! Sunbathing, or just being outdoor would be fine as sunlight actually radiates happiness and spending just 20 minutes to catch some of it each day helps elevates your mood.

5.     Happy List – It works like a checklist, but a checklist of things that you enjoy doing. Write down things that make you happy e.g hanging out with your friends. At the beginning of each week, schedule in at least one or two things from your list every day. I can assure your life will be filled with more joyful moments.

6.     Girl, You Need a Vacay! – Of course, being transported away to somewhere exotic does brings on a bout of happy vibes but anticipating on the holiday itself could work too. That rush of excitement every time you re-read the holiday brochure and knowing the fact that something was booked in, makes you looking forward to that and making the tough days a bit more bearable.

Hopefully, after reading this, I had helped to shed a light of joy into your days. These may be basic, but they are quite meaningful.


  1. love this tips! we have to try to cheer us up when we feel down


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