Staying Productive in Summer

Every single summer I waste the days away by watching Netflix, spending time with friends, having late nights out, and doing leisurely reading. But by the time August comes I realize I haven't done anything productive. Such as required reading, keeping up with the days of the week, worked out, eaten healthy or anything.

This summer is different than most. I have an agenda where I write everything down. I schedule yoga sessions ahead of time and write them down so I don't forget. I make sure I write a blog post every single day. I'm keeping up with everything for school, dorm shopping, spending time with my girlfriend, and taking some me time. Although I am definitely not perfect, I have days where I binge watch Orange is the New Black or Friday Night Lights and I barely see any sunlight. But I'd like to think I am better than I used to be.

Take some time for yourself. Everyone thinks summer has to be jam packed full of friends, parties, late nights, ice cream runs, and new things. But it doesn't. You need at least one or two days a week to yourself to make sure you can get the things you need done for you. I had a mini spa day for myself today complete with a hardening mask, painting my nails, a shower, shaving my legs, etc. The other day I caught up on my laundry, put it all away, organized my dorm things and scheduled my yoga sessions and blog posts for next week. Take time so you can get your things done!

Keep an agenda. Even if it doesn't see like you have that much to do. For me, I schedule what days I'm going to have what blog post, and what days I have what yoga practice. I also have what days I have orientation, vacations, move in day and other things like that. It helps you try not to forget even if you still really don't know what in the hell day it is.

DO YOUR SUMMER READING! Or homework, or questions or whatever. Do it. Don't wait until August 10th. Do it now. Do a little bit each day. You'll thank me later. Trust me. If you get done early. GREAT. More time to relax before getting back in the daily grind this fall.

Stay active. I used to literally have no exercise. What so ever. That's not a joke. Last summer my dad MADE me go to the gym with him every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I couldn't get out of it. No way no how. But, I started to notice that I had more energy, I didn't want to just lay around all day. I wanted to get out and do something. Now that I have yoga, it's not only a source of exercise, but also a treat, and a relaxation method. So if I know I'm going to yoga later I get everything I can done so that I can relax during and after yoga. Find something that does that for you!

Eat healthy. Make healthy choices when eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. I know it's super easy to just go to Taco Bell with your friends for every meal. But I know with me, if I eat complete crap, I feel like complete crap and I won't get anything done. I'll just lay in my bed and wallow in self pity. Like "why did I eat that? It was so good but I feel like crap". If you make smarter choices about your food, you'll feel better, more alert and more energized to stay productive in the things you need to do throughout the summer!

What kinds of things do you do to stay productive during the summer?


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