Fourth of July

Normally on the Fourth of July my family does nothing. I don't know why, but we usually never do! My parents are usually working the day after so maybe they just don't want to deal with the party/clean up the night before they have to go to work. I have no idea! But I love the fourth of July. Last year, I went with Kayla and her family up to Illinois and I had SO much fun. They don't play when it comes to the Fourth of July up there. They had a HUGE party with tons of decorations and food. Then later there was a HUGE fireworks display right on the river. I had so much fun. I wish I could go again this year, but it wasn't in the cards for us this year! But hopefully sometime again soon!

This post today is basically everything I wish my Fourth of July would be like! A girl can dream right? None of these pictures, ideas, recipes or anything are mine.I got them directly from Pinterest and am putting it all in one post for anyone who needs any last minute ideas.

I think both of these outfits are so super cute. It would depend on what time of day/night the party is as to which outfit you would wear because the sweater might be a little too hot during the day. 

These nails are SO cute and they don't look too hard to do. Just add red, blue and glitter lines to a white nail! (Mine are just painted blue right now since I'm not doing anything)

I love all of these party decorations. They're all so cute and original. They'll definitely wow your guests! Or even if you're not having a party, how cute would they be just as decorations for your house?! Click the source for more information on how to do them!

Now to my favorite part of a party: food and drinks. All of these are so cute! I love how they're each so festive and look so yummy. Again. Click each source to find out how to make each of them. 

And what's the Fourth of July without fireworks?! I might be mixing me up a drink and lighting my own sparklers by myself on the fourth. What will you be doing?

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