Week in Review and Things I Love

This week was pretty boring compared to the last two. I've had two shopping sprees since last Sunday. Which isn't too bad considering I used mostly gift cards from graduation. Today my mom, sister and I spent the day taking advantage of Fourth of July sales. Which brings me to the first thing I'm loving this week...

Bath and Body Works// Bath and Body Works was having a HUGE sale. I got the big sized lotions and body washes that are normally $10-$12 for $2-$3! It was crazy. I could have spent hours in there but that was only the first stop on our shopping list! I love all of the smells of Bath and Body Works! And there is almost always a coupon for there too! And I love me a good coupon!

Hobby Lobby// I've somewhat been keeping up with the Hobby Lobby scandal. Catch up on all of it here.

Fourth of July// I love the Fourth of July as you can tell from this post. I love the fireworks, red, white, blue, the food, family, friends, and sparklers! I love how everyone in America (almost) is wearing red, white, and blue and showing their American pride!

PLL Instagram// I've been thinking about it for a while, and I finally decided it was time. To get a Preppy Little Lesbian Instagram! FOLLOW ME! I'm following back the first 100 (and if you're lucky everyone after that) so you better hurry. I'm already following 15! Search: preppylittlelesbian OR click the Instagram link in the sidebar.

What things are you loving? What kind of news are you looking at?


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