Dorm Supplies

My mom has refused to buy all of my dorm stuff last minute because she doesn't want to end up spending $500 at one time. So she'd rather spread it all out. Which is fine with me that way I have more time to decide about everything I want and write a million different lists (which I definitely have). I'm so excited about everything I already have and I'm excited about everything left! I'm going to be an Interior Design major so decorating my dorm is the most exciting part about college for me!

I thought I would share what I have so far and then next week I'm going to have my full list of everything I thought I would need for college. I've done extensive research on Pinterest, blogs, Tumblr, asked Kayla and other friends that have lived in the dorms and compiled the perfect list. So check back this Monday the 28th to see if you missed anything!

First I'm going to start off with the storage I'm bringing. We all know dorms don't have that much space. So it's important to bring things that you can store under your bed, in small corners, and in your closet.

These are cloth baskets that will go inside my closet on a shelf, one is holding all of my cases for my phone, and koozies, one's holding books I want to read, and another is holding movies. 

My mom got me this cloth tote from Thirty One. I LOVE IT. It's the perfect size. It's purple and gold and it has my monogram! I'm going to use it to keep my food in and it will slide perfectly under my bed. 

I've had this storage case thing. But I specifically got it because I knew it would definitely get used during college. The top drawer has extra makeup, the second has all of my nail polish and everything that goes with that. The third has hair bows, hair products, and extra stuff. The last drawer has all of my perfumes and lotions. The boxes on the top have all of the stuff I use on a daily basis like moisturizer and face wipes. 

I just got this make up thing last week with the intention that it will perfectly fit on my small, and crowded desk at school. It's the perfect size. I love it. 

I tried to keep my bedding simple so that I could use the colors from everything else to make my side unique. 

I have a back rest pillow that's gray. That white and gray chevron A is going to go above my head. My comforter is white with light gray X's. My sheets are gray and I have a purple blanket. 

It's a must.

I got a monogrammed towel from some friends for graduation, but I also got myself a yellow towel and yellow washcloths. My mom got me this laundry bag and I think it's super adorable!

Another must.

I got this cute water proof shower caddy from my mom! I love it it's so cute. And I have really gross and old flip flops for the shower because I'd rather die before I touch those bathroom floors. I also have a toothbrush holder, and a TON of Bath and Body Works body wash.


Luna is like what in the heck is this! But I have a purple plate, and a yellow plate. I also have the cutest purple and white bowl. I have two mugs, one chevron and one from New York. I also have a Kate Spade tumbler.


I have a TON of necklaces. They used to cover this entire cork board. But I got rid of some and covered it all with pictures of my friends and I!

Here's another thing I got for graduation. I put some more pictures in here with a chevron background!

I painted a purple and yellow chevron painting for my wall. My mom also got me jars that I can write on with chalk and I'm gonna put paper clips, and other school supplies in it. 


I have a hair caddy that I can take into the bathroom with me with a straightener and a hair dryer with spots for hair spray, a brush, etc.


My favorite thing that I have and the thing I'm most excited about is my hot pink Keurig! I'm so excited to make coffee and try out a ton of different K Cups!

Don't forget to come back on Monday for the Ultimate College Packing List!

What do you have for college so far?


  1. I loved living in a dorm my first year! The back rest pillow is a brilliant idea. I liked to sit on my bed and lean against my wall to read, so the pillow made that much more comfortable. Also, a keurig is brilliant, and the one thing I wish I would have bought and didn't. But at my sorority house (where I live now) a few of my sisters have Keurigs, and we all buy and share our k-cups. It's seriously brilliant.
    La Vie en Zoe

    1. Awesome! I'm glad I made good choices! :)

  2. where did you get your hair caddy?

    1. This is the exact one: http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/catalog/product/286/catid/22/swid/877a/round-about-caddy-in-black-spotty-dot/

      But this entire section has similar, and also convenient options! : http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/catalog/category/22/


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