5 Things

Compared to the rest of the summer, this week has been so relaxed. I really can't remember a single thing I did. A lot of yoga, getting some things done for this here blog. Working, reading, sleeping, hanging out with friends. That's about it! Kayla's leaving for Greenville (ECU) next week. Which is bittersweet. For the past few years Kayla has left in August for good. And I've been stuck here but this year, in a month from now I'll be there with her!

I've been doing a version of this for a long time. First I called it "This week's obsessions" then "Week in review" and then "Things I love" but none of them fit everything I want to recap! So I'm going to start calling this weekly Friday segment "5 Things" I'm also going to start Guest Post Sunday's a few Sunday's out of the month. I'm trying to set up a little schedule here so you guys know exactly what to expect on what days! 

So here we go with this week's 5 things. 

1 - ECU// This probably was one of my 5 things before but last week I went to orientation for ECU. I knew I loved ECU before going. I fell in love with the campus the first time I went for family weekend when Kayla was a Freshman. But when I went back this time, oh my gosh I fell even more in love. I was super nervous and recently I was getting really sad about leaving (I still am sad but a little less) and this just cured it! I can see myself on this campus, walking around, going to class every day, eating in the dining hall (I LOVE the dining hall. All you can eat. AND there's a pasta bar) All in all, I'm super confident in my choice to go to ECU.

2 - MacBooks// I am definitely an apple fan. I have an iPhone, and now a MacBook. And I LOVE it! If you're thinking about getting a computer but you don't know which one, definitely get a Mac. I love the design, and how things are set up. Everything is MUCH more simple. But it looks really good. The colors are so vibrant and everything looks crystal clear. 10/10 definitely would recommend. 

3 - Miss Representation// I watched this documentary on Netflix the other night and as I was watching it, I couldn't help but feel angry. As I was listening to all the facts they were say about how women are treated in the media, I couldn't help but agree. If you're not a feminist now, you'll want to be after watching this documentary. It's on Netflix, so check it out! Also, here is the website that tells all about it! 

4 - You &I// I'm going to admit, I'm bawling my eyes out right now. I have never seen a video that moved me so much. PLEASE watch this. This is beautiful. 

5 - Facebook// I used to be obsessed with Facebook. I would post a thousand status' a day. About literally nothing. "Text me <3" "Getting off; text <3". But I recently created a fan page for my blog! And you should like it! Here's the link.

What are your 5 things for the week?


  1. Miss Representation is one of my favorite documentaries. Caroline Heldman even came to DU this past year, and I was able to attend her lecture!

    La Vie en Zoe

    1. I really enjoyed the documentary too! That's so awesome!


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