Guest Post: Girl's Night In

This post was written by Orly, of Coffee Beans and High Heels. Orly is a 19-year-old girl, who will be majoring in Journalism this fall. She loves to read, drink coffee, and spend time with friends and family. Her blog is a lifestyle blog with a mix of entertainment, self-love, organization tips, and other random thoughts.

There is nothing better that spending time with friends. I love dressing up, doing my hair and wearing high heels and go out with my girls. But most of the time, I rather stay at home for a girls night in.
We normally just eat tons of junk food while watching movies and laughing about anything and everything. We are in our pj’s or comfy clothes and just spend time together.  We play board games too. We really have fun together.

There was a time when we watched all of the Harry Potter movies with pizza and other goodies, and then watched the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Pt. 2.  
Girl time is precious, especially when it comes to a Girl’s Night In! I wanted to share a list of my favorite movies to watch with friends.

  • ·       John Tucker Must Die: a player that gets played. This movie is packed with comedy and some romance. Definitely something to watch with your friends
  • ·       Pitch Perfect: I can’t aca-believe you if you haven’t watch it.
  • ·       She is the Man:  Viola wants to prove that she can play soccer as good as boys, so she pretends to be her brother and goes to his school.
  • ·       Harry Potter (all of them): really, no explanation needed.
  • ·       Tangled: It’s Disney! And It’s a pretty movie!
  • ·       High School Musical: this was your favorite movie back then. Re-watching it is the best thing ever. Even better if you can watch the second movie afterwards. (The third movie was bad)
  • ·       Mean Girls: C’mon, this movie is gold! Tina Fey co-wrote it, and it is an all-time chick flick.
  • ·       Despicable Me: those minions are so cute! And the movie is too.
  • ·       Frozen:  again, it is Disney, and those songs are great for singing your lungs out

We normally eat pizza as dinner, and then we just throw on the couch bags of Ruffles, Oreos, Cheetos and some chocolate, plus a huge bowl of natural non-fat popcorn because my mom won’t let me eat the buttery ones.

How do you spend your girl night in? What movies you like to watch?


  1. yay thanks for the opportuniy!


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