Burger King's "Proud Whopper"

During San Fransico's Gay Pride this year, Burger King decided to try something different. A special "Proud Whopper" was on sale. And it was up to the customer to decide what was different or special about the whopper. Some people thought it was sweeter, there was a special sauce, the meat was different, or there wasn't any meat at all. All proceeds of the Proud Whoppers went to Burger King's McLamore Foundations for scholarships benefiting LGBT high school senior graduating next spring.

I watched the video that Burger King released the other day. And I can't say I didn't tear up a little bit.

The video starts with someone interviewing people about what they thought it was. At first I was angry. One old white man (shocking), said "I just don't really believe in the homosexual lifestyle." Another man said "Do gay people even eat fast food? Really?" WHAT IN THE WORLD? What the hell. That's literally laughable.

Even though there were some rude comments such as those stated above, there were even more supportive comments. With people saying things such as "Finally" and "It's about time".

The whole entire message for the "Proud Whopper was pretty amazing. On the inside wrapper (it was rainbow) it said "We are all the same inside." And this is where I started to cry.

Everyone eating them was shocked and thought it was super cool. Which I definitely agree with. The fact that a huge corporation did something as amazing as this makes me so happy. Society is changing. People are changing and I couldn't be happier. I love who I am. And I'm DEFINITELY proud. One day, I will get my right to marry my girlfriend and no one will stop me!

Watch this video and tell me you don't feel SOMETHING:

What makes you proud to be who you are? Gay or straight.



  1. Hi Ally,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am bi and proud, and it's great that people are starting to be open about this. The video made me cry.

    1. I'm glad you appreciated it! The video made me cry too! Keep doing what you're doing, be out and proud and don't let anyone get you down!


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