Before College Clean Part One

If you're like me, you have way more clothes than those three little drawers and tiny little closet will allow in those tiny dorm rooms. Today I'm cleaning out my closet, and all of my drawers in hopes to be able to actually fit my clothes in my dorm room next month. I'm going to give you the tips I'm using to be able to clean everything out and have enough space.

Try on everything// First, try on EVERYTHING. Every single piece of clothing. Even if you haven't worn it in years, you might refall in love with it. Even if you wore it last month. You may decided eh, it doesn't really fit that great.

Everything off the floor// Bring everything that is on your floor in your closet and go through it. I know for me, I have to keep my hamster's stuff in there to keep it out of the way, but I reorganized it so it isn't all over the place.

Wash clothes// Wash your dirty clothes, and try on those clothes too. PUT THEM UP. Make your closet clean for now. Unless you're already packing your stuff away.

Hangers// If possible, use all the same kind of hangers. I don't because we've collected so many from various places of the years, but if I did it would look that much more clean.

Put it in order of size// Not actual S,M,L size but tanks, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve.

If you haven't worn something in years and you know you probably won't wear it again, get rid of it! Chances are you won't ever wear it again and it will just be taking up space in your dorm.

For drawers, roll your shirts/shorts. It saves space and you can fit so much more in one drawer.

Take your discard pile to a little sister, friend, or a consignment shop. I have a place in my hometown called Platos Closet and they look at your clothes and buy back your clothes they will resell!

So you saw my before...well this is the after....

This is such a big difference. I don't get overwhelmed when I look in my closet now!

Tweet me your before and after pictures!

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