Tips For Practicing Yoga at Home

As I've said many times starting my practice with yoga has changed my life. Even though I was terrified to actually go and start a class, I'm so glad I went. I got an experience that would be hard to recreate at home by myself. But, I've done some research, as well as been to many, many yoga classes in a studio and also practice often in my room when I don't get a chance to go. I challenge you to try out these tips one day. They won't take longer than 30 minutes! But you can make it as long or as short as you would like!

Candles// Start out by lighting scented candles. Some scents I would recommend are: vanilla, cucumber, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. Something relaxing. I would light as many as possible. I love candles.

Music// When I practice at home, I listen to the Soothing & Relaxation station on Pandora. It's almost identical to what they play during practice at my yoga studio. 

Beginning// In the beginning sit in a cross legged seated pose with your hands rested on your knees. Sit up straight. Sit here and listen to the music for 2-3 minutes. 

Postures// If you're comfortable, start doing the postures that you know and are comfortable with. If you don't know any yoga postures and you're just starting out, google yoga postures. There are MANY websites with tutorials in PDF form. But also, you can YouTube yoga sequences. I often do this. I'll search "morning yoga sequences" or "nighttime yoga sequences". I love that, because you can close your eyes and they'll talk to you and explain exactly what you're supposed to be doing, just like in a studio.

Meditation & Shavasana// Shavasana is also called the final resting pose. Lay completely flat down on the floor on your mat and put a pillow under your knees. Also put something over your eyes so light is not distracting you. Shavasana is basically meditation. The point is to not think, list-make, worry, think about what you're doing later or anything. Lay in that position for 10 minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. You will see a big difference.

Ending// When you feel you are finished with Shavasana, come into a seated posture just like you started with. Sit here for 2-3 minutes also. 

This is how we practice in a studio and I bring that practice home with me also. Some more tips:
  • Don't touch your phone. This should be a technology free practice.
  • Close your door. You should feel safe and calm and not distracted. 
  • Close your eyes as much as possible. It adds another calming element to your practice. 
What tips do you have for practicing yoga at home?

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