Week in Review

This week was definitely not as fun, exciting, or relaxing as last week but all in all not a bad week! Kayla starts her new job in Tennessee today, while I'm excited for her because this is her dream job, I'm a little sad because she's going to be four hours away every weekend for the rest of the summer. I have not been to yoga in about 3 weeks and I can definitely tell the difference in my mental health and anxiety issues. I am currently in route to New York City because my dad is going to be on tv there. I spent most of my week getting my ducks in a row with this blog, and writing endless amounts of thank yous for my graduation gifts.

As soon as I get back on Monday I'm hitting the yoga studio, and starting on a work project for my dad. I feel like my life is a complete mix of boring and exciting. But I love it. I've felt at peace with my life and who I am lately!

So here are a few things I'm loving, been into, finding interesting or anything in between. I still have no idea what I want to call these weekly installments. Any suggestions? 

1 - Cute Stationary// Now, if I literally never have to write another thank you note in my life I'd be pretty happy. But it helps when you're writing on something super cute. Plus, a handwritten thank you note goes a LONG way. Don't forget that.  (I took this picture of my stationary. My mom got them from Hallmark. I tried to find a link but I couldn't.)

2 - Orange is the New Black// I'm EXTREMELY late to this trend I seriously am obsessed with this show. It's an amazing concept and I love it!! If you're not watching it, definitely start. Like right now. And plus Hot Donna from That 70's Show is in here and if that isn't enough of an insentive to watch then I don't know what is.

3 - Jessica Alba's "The Honest Company"// I read this article and I think it is so cool what she's doing. There aren't enough brands like this. And it's a plus that it's going to be in Target!

 4 - Gay Rights Timeline// I thought this was super interesting. So much has happened on the gay rights front and this puts into a timeline for you! Definitely check it out!

5 - East Carolina University// I got my housing assignment this week. And I've started getting a lot of things for my dorm, and class. I'm getting SO EXCITED!! I cannot wait to call this place my home for the next four years!

What's on your radar for this week?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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