Favorite Apps

Ever since I got my iPhone it's been basically my life. I constantly have it. I'm checking social media, my email, taking pictures. The apps on my iPhone make my iPhone what it is. iPhones have way better apps and a better iPhone than androids do. (My opinion)

Here are a few apps that are my favorites! 

Twitter// I love twitter. I'm constantly on twitter. Whether it's my personal or my blog twitter. I love interacting with people. (@preppylittleles) 

Bloglovin// I love this app! I get to read and follow all of my favorite blogs all in one place. And I don't even have to have a computer! (Search: Preppy Little Lesbian)

Snapchat// I LOVE SNAPCHAT! I love seeing everyone's stories. I think they're so interesting. You can have videos and pictures and I just think it's so cool. (allygagliardo)

Tumblr// tumblr is my favorite social media by far. I've had mine for over 4 years now. I love that I'm able to post whatever I want. No one ever judges on tumblr and I love it. 

Instagram// I really don't post that much on Instagram but I do keep up with my feed. I love seeing other peoples photos. 

Flip board// I've talked about flipboard but it really is one of my favorite apps. I read all of the "cover stories" right before I go to bed. 

Mint// this app is perfect for people who are trying to learn manage their money. You can set up individual budgets on different categories. It's really awesome  

Headspace// Head space is a really awesome app. It guides you through a 10 minute meditation for 10 days. At the end of the 10 days you can restart. I usually do it right before I'm about to sleep. After I read flipboard! 

These are my favorite apps! If you don't have them, download them and add me on them! 

What are your favorite apps? 

Preppy Little Lesbian

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