This Week's Obsessions

This week has been way less crazy than last week. I've spent all week relaxing on the beach, getting tan and reading lots of books. But I've been obsessed with quite a few things this week also. (A lot of them are beach related)

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Flipboard// When I need to take a few minutes away from my books, I click on the app Flipboard, and I'm instantly able to see tons of news articles from around the world. It's so cool because you can set up the categories to be things you actually like.

Beach// Okay I'm just seriously loving the beach! Not a thing to worry about. Me in my beach chair, the sand between my toes, the ocean lapping at my feet, the cool breeze, the sounds of the ocean, a drink in my hand and a good book. How much better and relaxing can that get? Plus, Kayla and I were by ourselves and we have bonded so much. I've been looking to go to the beach with a girlfriend since I was so little.

Koozie// My Lilly koozie has been my best friend this week. I think it's the cutest thing ever. I love that it's my style and it really does keep my hand from becoming too cold from my drinks!

Beach Lane by Melissa de la Cruz// This book was this years beach read and it's so good! I can't put it down! It tells the whole story from 3 different girls' points of views and I love it. It's so cool and you get everyone's perspective. Definitely check it out. 

Traveling with my girl// This is Kayla and I's first vacation alone and it's gone so well. I can't wait to keep traveling with her in the future! 

What are your obsessions this week? 

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