Yesterday I graduated high school! I can't believe it. It still really hasn't set in. I'm so excited about my future and I cannot wait to go to ECU in the fall! Here's a look at my graduation day!

 Of course I had to take a picture with my cat. I wore a hot pink dress (with lace on the sides where the sleeves would be, and black wedges) 

My whole family 

Right after the ceremony. IM DONE!!

Kayla and I. I don't think there's a single picture of us looking at the camera. There were like 6 pointed at us at one time. 

My best friend Kelsey since 5th grade and future roommate at ECU. 

My family after the ceremony. Apparently something was funny. 

A kid that spoke took a selfie with the whole class. 

Some of my decorations from my party! I was going to get a picture of all the food, but I started eating and completely forgot about it lol. 

My cake was the cutest thing ever. I have it both views so you can see it good. 

Gifts from my wonderful parents include: hot pink Keurig, hair dryer, straightener, and a bag to carry them in, laundry bag, chevron mug, yoga mat and bag, a chevron picture gram to write my schedule on, and a Lilly Pulitzer beach bag full of Lilly goodies like, agenda stickers, (for my new Lilly agenda that they also got me but haven't gotten yet), Lilly highlighters and pen set, Lilly capris, and the coolest Lilly charger set : 

I also got a monogram caddy in purple and gold to put food and things in, and also a polka dot monogrammed shower caddy from my parents that have not come in yet. 

From my guests: I got a monogrammed towel in ECU colors and another monogrammed shower caddy. 

I had a really great day. After my party, I had two other parties to go because all of my friends graduated the same day! 

I'm super tired and SUPER ready to head to the beach with Kayla. T-minus 30 minutes!!

When did you graduate? What kind of things did you get? 

Preppy Little Lesbian

***This literally refused to post last Sunday when I originally wrote it. 

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