Senior Week 2k14

As most of you know, last week was my senior week! I graduated June 14th, and the next morning Kayla and I set out on an adventure to Myrtle Beach, SC. I figured I would show a little bit of what we did day to day. This is going to be a very photo filled post. Just a little warning. 

Sunday: June 15th, the start of the trip. 

She doesn't look happy, but I promise she was! 

Somehow, we missed a turn and ended up at a place called South of the Border which had a place called Reptile Lagoon and Kayla LOVES reptiles so we decided to check it out. 

After we got to Myrtle, we went to Walmart to get groceries and went back to the hotel and literally collapsed and slept. 

Monday: June 16th

We took a walk during our first day on the beach.

We went to Landshark, which was within walking distance from our hotel, and shared a burger with fries and buffalo bites!

Later that night we took another walk!

Tuesday: June 17th

Long day at the beach

We went to Broadway at the Beach so obviously we had to get our picture taken in front of the sign.

My very good and very expensive dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.

I was really "happy as a clam" getting ready to eat all that crab!

No words.

Wednesday: June 18th:

We did go to the beach, but no pictures from it!

We went to dinner at Ultimate California Pizza Kitchen and shared a half and half pizza: one side Ultimate White pizza and a meat filled pizza!

We did a little shopping around and then decided to go to a late night showing of "22 Jump Street" Which was absolutely hilarious.

It's Thursday June 19th and Kayla's over getting her picture taken all the time.

A nice relaxing day on the beach. 

We spent the night at Family Kingdom riding some rides, eating at a restaurant called Friendly's and having fun!

Friday: June 20th
Can't I just stay here forever?

We went to the Waccamaw Zoo, it was fun and interesting to see all the animals.

Isn't my girl cute?

Neither of us had been to Senor Frogs, so we decided to try it. I wasn't that impressed with it, but it was okay.

After picking up her brothers from the air port, none of us wanted to go to bed, so we decided to play late night mini golf, drive around the strip, and get some hot and ready Krispy Kreme Donuts. 

Saturday: June 21st Our Last Day

Finally got to stay out on the beach for a good five hours. Which resulted in a terrible, terrible sunburn.

We went to a huge (and again, very expensive) seafood buffet and it was AMAZING. Definitely worth the money.

The one thing Kayla requested we did, was go to Ripley's aquarium. So we did!

Sunday: June 22nd, the return to Mooresville

We packed up all of our things, got Bojangles and got the heck out of Myrtle Beach!

When I finally got home, Luna was like "um where have you been?!?"

And my family and I got to eat outside on our deck, so I was pretty excited. 

I would have to say Kayla and I's first vacation together was pretty great. I definitely feel as though we have gotten stronger and I know we'll definitely be taking more trips together soon!

What vacations are you going on this summer?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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