Summer Reflections

My 7th grade year was one of the best school years of my life. I know so many people hated middle school but it was the exact opposite for me. I loved it. I had the best teachers, I got close with so many friends, I had so much fun, and school wasn't that hard. After that year ended, I was super nostalgic (I always am though. I'm always reflecting back on things and looking back and thinking about all of the things I've done, didn't do, and should have done).

I can't believe I'm about to admit this publicly, but after my 7th grade school year ended, I wrote in my journal reflecting on the year, and on the summer to come. I feel like other people think it's lame but I look forward doing it every year. This year was kind of sad to me because this is my last ever summer/school year reflection of high school. I swore after my Sophomore year I wasn't going to ever do it again because I thought I was too cool for it, but I couldn't give it up. Now, it's my Senior year, and I'm not sure if I'll do it in college.

But, I'm going to give you the basic skeleton of what I do in my journal for my summer/school year reflection. It's good to reflect on what you've done, accomplished, and basically everything that has happened over the past year of your life. I really enjoy it and hope you do too!

At the top of each page I write "Summer and School Year 2013 & 2014". This year's reflection took up 5 pages. 

New Friends// In high school, and I can imagine in college also, I've noticed that I become super close to people in my classes each semester, and then the next semester, I never talk to the again (virtually). I like to list out all of the friends I've made that school year so when I look back on this in 5 years I remember the lost memories I've had with these people.

Teachers & Classes// Every year I write down my teachers and my classes. This seems pretty obvious.

What I'm Going to Miss// I did this a couple of years ago, and didn't do this section again until this year. But I changed it to "What I'm Going to Miss About High School". I wrote about football games, the amazing cafeteria cookies, some of my teachers, etc.

Big Things// This section is in bullet form about EVERYTHING big that happened to me that year. Some examples for me:

  • Kayla and I hit two years
  • I got Luna
  • I made this blog
  • Went to prom
  • Turned 18

My list is super long, and also personal.

School year reflection// This is where I get super emotional and look back throughout the year (and also my entire high school career this year) and think about how I've changed, what's going on in my life, how I'm going to be next year, goals I've achieved, new goals. It's basically just a reflection.

Summer Reflection// This technically isn't a reflection, but I don't know what else to call it. Basically in this section, I talk about what I think and hope summer is going to be like, and what I hope to do.

Make this all your own! These are just what I do. Don't worry about what other people will think, because if you do this in your journal, no one else is going to read it! So be completely honest with yourself! I think this is something good to do to help you really think about your year, who you are, and who you've become over the past year.

What kinds of things do you do to wrap up your school year?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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