Misconseptions About Yoga

Before I started taking yoga (and my mom dragged me to my first class) I didn't want to ever go. I thought if I was going to go and "workout" I might as well actually work out. I thought I would never be able to lose weight doing yoga. I didn't think it would calm my nerves or I would actually be able to relax doing something like that.

I was completely wrong. About everything I thought about yoga. Here are some of the kinds of things I thought before going to yoga and some things I feel that other people think also.

1// It's for older women. Okay, yes. I am usually the youngest person in the room. But, there often are people my age, and men also. ANYONE can do yoga and it will benefit anyone if they really try.

2// You have to be flexible. I thought this. And I thought I was flexible because I used to dance and do cheerleading. But boy was I wrong. I wasn't as flexible as I thought. But that was okay. As I've been going to yoga for the past month, I've noticed I've definitely become more flexible and it helps me do the poses with more ease.

3// I'm too big, too small, too uncoordinated, I can't get my body in those postures. No you're not. No you're not. No you're not. Yes you can. Seriously, there are people all shapes and sizes in yoga. The instructors help you and guide you and modify the postures to fit YOU. Anyone can do it.

4// You have to go to a yoga class or studio to practice yoga. You do not! Some people don't like the feeling of being watched, which no one in yoga does. Other than to check to make sure they themselves are doing the moves right. You can practice yoga or meditation right from home. Look up a yoga sequence on YouTube or find a PDF of some yoga moves and try them out at home. I definitely recommend going to a studio though. The atmosphere, aroma, instructors, etc. are just something you cannot recreate at home.

5// Yoga is not a religion. It's not. It's all about you accepting yourself and inner peace. You make yoga what you want to make it. If you don't want it to be conflicting with your religion, then that's fine.

Anyone can do yoga. Although it is not easy, it definitely is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding and definitely something you should look in to.

Do you practice yoga? What's your favorite part?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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