This Week's Obsessions

This week has been a crazy week. Very long, and very busy. Graduation practice yesterday and today, packing for the beach all week, nails, graduation prep, parties, planning, blogging and graduation tomorrow. But between all that I've found some stuff on the web, and a few apps that I've been obsessing over lately.

Bloglovin// I've had a Bloglovin account for a while, but I really didn't use it before. I'd had the app since I got the account, but never used that either. I was bored and up to date on all my social media and I was going through my apps looking at what to look at while waiting for yoga class to start, and I saw the Bloglovin app. I started going through it and looking at all the blog posts I missed from the blogs I followed. It is so convinent and it's awesome for blog reading on the go. You can look up your favorite blogs (my link is in the sidebar ;)) and you look at what is unread! It really is cool.

34 Powerful Ads// I saw this on Facebook earlier and I thought the link was really awesome. A lot of these ads really do make you stop and think about what you're doing and how you're living your life.

Reading// While I definitely love a good blog, it's definitely nice to get away from the computer and phone screen. I feel like reading is a lost thing when it comes to generations today. Those long boring books they make you read in school really deter kids these days from reading. But, during the summer I get really super into reading. Like it's crazy. I've finished two books this week. (The Fault in Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines by John Green) I went to the library and got four more books for my beach trip next week.


Lesbian YouTubers// Okay I literally just said that I like to get away from the computer screen, but in this case, I can't. I have this weird obsession with watching lesbian youtubers give advice and do stupid things like tags and games. The ones I usually watch are, Kaelyn and Lucy, Lesbian Answers, Stacy S, Erica Norris, and LesBeOnTalk. They're so great and they are what gives me inspiration to try and help as many people as I can through this blog. (The YouTube video up there is the latest video of Kaelyn and Lucy's)

Hunter Rainboots// I've been wanting some Hunter rainboots for SO long and finally before I go off to college, I'm going to get some! I like this style and color the best, that way they match pretty much everything.

What are your obsessions this week?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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