How to Pack for Vacation

It's summer so that means that people are starting to take vacations. For Seniors, Senior Week is next week! I could not be more excited to go to the beach with my girl! When I'm preparing to pack for a vacation, especially a week long one, I probably go a little over board. And I always pack way too much. But the way I see it is, is I'd rather bring too much than to have to buy something I'll need while I'm there.

These are all just suggestions and I probably don't have all of the right ways to pack but this is just my process.

Start early// I'm leaving next Sunday, and I've already planned to start packing tomorrow. If I would wait until Friday or Saturday I might realize that one of the shirts I want to bring is dirty and there's no time to wash it between grad practice, family coming into town, or mine and other friends grad parties.

Plan out outfits// This helps me so much because like I mentioned, if I have some things I want to bring that are dirty, I make sure I wash them but I know that I'm going to bring it so I don't forget. I don't plan it down to the exact day I'm going to wear the outfit, but I just make sure I know exactly what needs to go into that outfit that I make sure I bring. (ex. shirt, shorts, necklace, bracelet, shoes.)

Write packing list in groups// This is pretty self explanetory. On my list I have categories such as:
  • Clothes
  • Beach Bag
  • Beauty
  • Groceries (that I'll have to buy)
  • Shoes
  • Extras
Go over list multiple times// Make sure you do this! Sometimes I mark something off on my list because I know I'll put it in there. Like my toothbrush. When I went to ECU for Valentines day, I wrote toothbrush on my list, and later crossed it off because I was about to put it in my bag, but I forgot. IF I would have checked my bag again with my list later I would have realized it. But instead, I had to go buy one. Ugh.

Must haves for summer packing:
  • Books!!! Especially if you're going to the beach. Check this post for the perfect beach reads.
  • Bathing suit. You never know if you're going to need to go for a midnight dip in the pool with some friends
  • A cute koozie for your ice cold drinks
  • Sandles and flip flops
  • Cover ups for your bikinis 
What are your tips to packing for vacations? What are your summer packing must haves?

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