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After reading some of Carly's (The College Prepster) old posts, where she did a book club, I thought maybe that would be interesting for me to try out. Like Carly did, I would post a book I have read, or am reading once a month. I thought it would be cool for us to interact and talk about the book like a real live book club - but on the internet. We could set up a GoogleChat, or some other chatting website to discuss.

Would this be something you (and/or your friends) would be interested in?

I'm open to ANY ideas. Follow me on Twitter (@preppylittleles) for any updates. Or email me at allygagliardo@gmail.com to help with ideas.

PLEASE give me some feedback. I really need your help to develop this idea. It would take some time and effort.

** I did get the original idea from Carly at collegeprepster.com. I do not take any credit for trying to start this.

Comment below, DM me on Twitter, pop into my ask on Tumblr for any and all feedback. Links in sidebar.

Thank you guys! I can't wait to expand this blog and reach even more readers!

Preppy Little Lesbian

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