What's in My Bag (High School Book Bag Edition)

Last week I talked about what I keep in my purse, and today, I'm showing what's in my school book bag. This post is probably going to be extremely similar to an earlier post about school supplies! But oh well. At my high school every single student has the exact same backpack that they give us so I don't have anything cute or different there!

These are my binders for my Discrete Math class and my Interior Design class. I made these Lilly monogram binder covers through a link on Pinterest. If you want one, you can just email me and I'll help you!

These are the folders for the rest of my classes. Nothing fancy.

I just got my yearbook last week and I've been carrying it around getting my friends to sign it before we graduate!

This is just the rest of the odds and ends of things I have, a box of fine tipped markers for drawing, marking in my agenda, etc, Lilly Pulitzer pouch to keep pens, highlighters and stuff in that I don't use all day, hand santizer, gum, pencil sharpener, nail polish and usually lunch money.

Lastly, my school issued computer. This is my last and final week with one ever! Kind of sad. But, I'll be getting my own Macbook Pro for college soon and I cannot wait! 

What kind of things do you keep in your school backpack?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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