Spring Break 2k14

I just had my last high school spring break! My family and I took a trip down to Florida to go to Disney World and Universal Studios! I had so much fun! I got to meet a few princesses, ride a ton of rides, and cheat on my diet (a lot). I had a great time and I can't wait to go back to Disney with Kayla by my side!

I really had a great time. Aside from all the walking and my really really sore feet, I can't wait to do it again. After I rest for a few years of course. The nonstop walking and standing really got to me. We drove to Savanna, Georgia on Friday, left on Saturday, spent Sunday and Monday in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Then on Tuesday we spent the whole day in Magic Kingdom from 9 AM until 12 AM. It was a rough, but fun day. Then Wednesday we drove up to Jacksonville to stay with a family friend. We were gonna spend the night but I felt so crappy and we didn't want to stay with his family. We planned on driving all 6 and a half hours back home that night after dinner (not until after 9 PM it ended up being) but not one of us could make it so we ended up staying in Savanna, Georgia for one night.

Overall, I had a really awesome time. It was very tiring but very fun.

Pretty much the second that I got home from Florida Kayla and I Skyped...for about 9 hours and 55 minutes. We've never skyped for that long before. We had a great time, and we really needed that much time together! The next day, Kayla came home so we got to spend the rest of the weekend together. I had a really great last high school spring break!

What was your favorite vacation?

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