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I just looked at my countdown app on my phone and I had no idea that the end of Kayla and I's long distance is only 12 DAYS AWAY! I had no idea it was that freaking close and I could not be more excited. After almost 2 years of long distance it's about time. We've survived on weekends, long weekends, holidays, spring breaks, and summers to see each other. The majority of the times we've gotten to see each other have only been two or three days on the weekends other than spring break, summer, and Christmas break.      

I have never been more excited to be with her next year at ECU. Finally best friend sleep overs almost every night!!

I got these questions from 2300 miles of love on tumblr (Tiffany). I think they're great questions and will help you guys get to know us better!

1// Who are you guys?
I'm Ally (obviously) and my girlfriend is Kayla. 

2// How far apart are you and where do you guys live?
We are about 3 and a half hours apart. I live near Charlotte, NC and she goes to ECU

3// Did you guts meet in person or online? What's your story?
We were on the same Rec softball team my freshman year and her junior year. We just really hit it off and started texting, and thus, fell in love.  

4// When was the first time you saw your significant other in person?
When we met at softball practice

5// How often do you talk? Are you making plans for the future? If so, anything interesting?
Every day all day. Yes, I'm going to attend ECU this fall.

6// Have you or your significant other ever second quessed if being in a long distance relationship was the right thing for you/them?
No, not really. At times it gets hard but we know we have to get over this and through this.

7// Do you guys have any cute habits you've developed as a couple?
Ha, not really. Since we've met we've been literally obsessed with Taco Bell. We also FaceTime and use the couple app before bed. But that's really it.

8// What's your favorite activity to do together when you're apart?

10// Have you gotten one another any gifts? What was the favorite thing you've given/recieved?
Yes, plenty. My favorite is my promise ring that is in her birth stone she got me for our one year anniversary in 2012. 

11// As of today what's keeping you and you significant other apart?
She is in college and I'm still in high school. 

12// Do you guys have a song? What is it and why do you relate so closely to it?
We have SO many songs. Our first one was Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae because it was beyond popular when we first started talking and we both loved it. 

13// What do each of your families think about your long distance relationship? 
We dated before we had to do long distance so they're pretty okay/used to it. 

14// If you've met in person what's the most fun thing you've done together? 
We went to prom together recently which was awesome! We had so much fun and it was something completely different that we've never done before and we were lucky enough to do it together.

15// If you had to sit down and write your vows to your significant other right now, what would you include in telling them about you loving them forever?
She reads my blog so I don't want to ruin it :)

16// Do your friends who are not in long distance relationships understand what you're going through?
Like I've said, we dated before long distance so people really support us. Everyone knows that one day we're going to get married!

17// Do you personally feel like you get enough time in the day to really connect with your significant other when you're miles apart?
Honestly, no. We're both so busy and stressed. Plus, our schedules are so so different. I'm up earlier in the morning and busy until like 5. Then she's up later at night and busier from 5 on. But I think we both do a pretty good job of staying connected. 

18// If you could go on a dream vacation with your significant otehr free of charge, where would you go and what would you do?
Before we die, I would really love to travel all over the world. All 50 states, Mexico, Canada, Asia, Australia...

19// Has anything awkward happened between you guys?
YES. Our first kiss was super awkward. We had just gotten back from the movies, and she took me home in her car and she parked in my driveway and we both leaned in to kiss and we totally missed. I pretty much bolted out of the door. Hahah. It was so embarrassing but now its something we laugh at. Often. 

20// When you're having a bad day, do you have a specific memory or saying your partner tells you that can put a smile on your face?
I mean, not really. All I have to do is say I'm having a bad day and she's able to easily to make my day better. 

21// What is your favorite physical feature of your significant other?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her cheeks. They're literally the cutest things ever. 

22// Does your SO do anything you don't love?
Not really. I pretty much love everything. 

23// If you had to sit down and explain what it's like being in a LDR to someone who's not, what would you say?
It's hard. It really is. But if you truly love a person, then it's worth it and definitely doable. You will fight and you will feel like giving up but you can't. It's as simple as that. 

24// What's one thing that makes or can make your dealing with the distance a bit easier?
SKYPE/FACETIME. It's seriously wonderful. 

25// Are you thinking about marriage? If so do you have anything planned? 
Yes. Definitely. We want gray/purple color scheme and an outside wedding. 

26// Before you met your SO, did you ever think you'd be in a long distance relationship? What was it like when you first started your LDR?
Honestly, no. It was literally terrible at first. We had never been apart. But after a while it really got better. 

27// Has there ever been a time in your relationship when your communication felt harder because of the distance?
Yes, because of our schedule differences. 

28// What was the moment you knew you'd survive a LDR?
It was the second day she was at ECU ever. We Skyped for the first time and I automatically felt better. And I knew that if we kept doing that we would be okay. 

29// Do you think you're going to be making any big changes from your current lifestyle or daily routine when you finally close the distance?
Well definitely since I'm going to be going to college!

Hopefully you learned a little bit more about Kayla and I or maybe you learned that LDR's aren't so bad after all. Comment and tell me what you think. As well as other LDR questions, tips and tricks.  Thanks!

Are you in a LDR?

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