Rainy Monday Blues

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain pouring right outside of my window. I curled back up deep under my 4 blankets and fell back asleep...for another hour until my mom screamed for me to wake up. For 10 minutes I just sat under my covers just listening to the rain wishing that I could stay in bed all day. Rain pouring, oversized shirt, four blankets, Netflix and snuggles from my kitty would be the perfect way to spend this rainy Monday. Here are a few tips to beat those rainy Monday blues!

Monogram raincoat// Since I live in North Carolina, we get a decent amount of rain, but never too much. I just recently got my Marley Lilly monogramed raincoat. I always get excited when it rains because I get to wear my monogramed raincoat! It hardly ever happens so when I finally get to it's like a treat! So find something you look forward to using/ wearing when it rains to pick your mood up a little bit whether it's a monogramed raincoat, Hunter rain boots, or a cute umbrella.

Work hard// Okay, you're probably like uh what? But for me, I go to school from 7 AM until 2PM. Then after that, I eat a snack, and then either go to work, or workout. Most of the time, both. If it's a rainy day like this and I want nothing more than to go home and lay around, curl up with a good book, and sleep then I'll be more inclined to do my homework before I even leave school, and get to the gym right away after school so I can hurry up and come back. Which leads me in to my next point....

Leave time to relax// I've been having a problem with this lately. My whole day is go, go, GO. School, work, workout, dinner, shower, bed. Every single day. I need to leave more time to myself at night to just lay in my bed, watch an episode of Friday Night Lights, read a few chapters in my book, and maybe write in my neglected journal. Especially on rainy, lazy days like today.

Paint your nails// If you seem to be in a blah mood and don't really like the rain, try painting your nails a bright color! My nails are bright turquoise. While it's cold, rainy and blah outside, I look down at my nails and it gives me a little hope for the summer!

Do what you love// For some people it's reading a good book, while for others it's sweating your butt off while working out. Do something YOU love to do. Paint your nails, curl your hair, do that pore shrinking mask you saw on Pinterest but never got to try, listen to your favorite Pandora station (personally when I'm looking to relax, I listen to the 'Soothing & Relaxation' station). Treat yourself to lift your icky mood for the day!

I know I have never been looking more forward to go home and get comfy than I am right now, but unfortunately I still have to be in school all day. I cannot wait to come home and lay in bed! Stay safe today!

What is your favorite part of rainy days?

Preppy Little Lesbian


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