Beach Trip Necessities

In 66 days I will be on my way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my amazing girlfriend by my side and I could not be more excited! We had a little bit of drama with our original plans. Kayla and I were originally going to go with our best friend, Zach and 3 other people that I truly didn't care about. Well one of the guys was a complete ass to me and obviously Kayla and Zach defended me. So we kicked him out of the trip. Then the other two girls dropped out also. SO Kayla and I just decided to go to the beach by ourselves, get a cheap hotel, and spend all of our time doing what we want to, and bettering our relationship. But before we go, there are a few things that I want.

The first thing that I really want before Senior week is a Lilly print koozie. They aren't available on the site for some reason anymore but there's a store in the mall that I go to and they sell them. Plus, they're only $6!

A monogram beach towel from Marley Lilly. It's so cute. 
Although it's really expensive for what I would use it for, the Sail to Sable tunic would be perfect for over the bathing suit while you're walking to the beach, and slipping into lunch at that outdoor cafe. 

This is super expensive but super cute! I would love to have something just like this Kate Spade wicker bag. It's perfect to throw in your monogram towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and a good magazine or book! 
I'm in need of a new bathing suit and Victoria secret always has such amazing ones! They're sometimes a little out of my budget, but this year, I think I'm willing to spend a little bit more. 

I think this suit is so flattering. I've absolutely fallen in love with it!

What are your summer must haves?

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