Rainy Sundays

I personally love Sundays. Most people don't because they have to get ready and prepare for the next day of work or school. I'm the exact opposite. I love preparing and organizing everything for school tomorrow and just relaxing with hot apple cider, snuggles from my kitty, and indulging on an absurd amount of episodes of the show I'm watching.

I have a set schedule and a list of things that I ALWAYS do on Sundays. It's kind of a little OCD but here it goes:

Kayla// If Kayla comes home on the weekend I usually go and see her on Sunday morning's because she leaves. We get lots of last minute snuggles in and I pack her bags (she hates doing it). This always makes me sad :( I hate saying goodbye, but now only 55 more days and we never have to say goodbye again!

Church// I usually go to church every Sunday. Unless Kayla was here for the weekend, then my parents let me skip because I always want to see her for a little bit before she leaves for the next two weekends.

Animals// I have two fish, and now a hamster. I always wait to clean their tanks/cages on Sunday cause that's when I have the most time to get it done. For my hamster, I dump out all of her food, old bedding and treats and everything and refresh her water, give her brand new food and treats and everything. For my fish I obviously clean their water and their tanks. But I switch around the decorations in their tanks every week also.

Room and clothes// After I finish with my animals, I clean my room. It usually does get pretty messy over the course of the week. So I just straighten everything up. I also put in one load of laundry before I go to the gym.

Gym// Although I didn't go today (I'm feeling a little under the weather), I usually go to the gym after church and stuff. I love it. There's hardly anyone there so it feels a little better than the usual 100 people that are in the gym when I go. I also have a set schedule of what I work out and when. ( I'll post that later this week). I also tan on Sundays in the tanning bed at Planet Fitness.

Shower// After I get all sweaty at the gym, I come home and take a nice, long, hot shower. I usually stay in there way too long on Sundays because it's the one day where I don't have a million things to do that HAVE to get done.

Laundry// Then I finish my laundry, and put it up in my drawers and closet. I also set out my outfit for the next day.

Homework/Study// This actually isn't that bad. I spend my time on Sundays doing my actual homework for my classes. BUT I also review everything that we did that week and rewrite some of the handwritten notes I've taken, especially in math.

Agenda// Every Sunday, I sit down and I write down everything I know I'm going to have to do in my agenda for the next week. This allows me to know when I have things due and what I have in store for the week.

Relaxation time!// After I finish all of those things I have time to myself and I love it. I'll snuggle with my kitty, and let my hamster run around my room. I'll have some hot cider and watch my show (It's Supernatural right now. I'm on the last episode!) I paint my nails, let my hair dry and then straighten it. Write a blog post. Write in my journals about the weekend. Anything else extra I have to do. Also during this time, if Kayla's been in Greenville all weekend, we'll also Skype!

Right now, I'm listening to the Soothing & Relaxation station on Pandora (one of my favorites), listening to the rain fall outside (Aren't rainy Sunday's the best?), and getting ready to finish the last episode of Supernatural. I absolutely love Sundays. But I could definitely do without Mondays!

What are some of your Sunday night rituals?

Preppy Little Lesbian


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