Monogram Backgrounds

I've always loved the look of a simple monogram background for my Macbook desktop background. But I was unable to really find the look I wanted. There are so many tutorials that are complicated and even cost money! So I tried to figure out a way I could do it myself that was easy and free.

I really just wanted a simple background. No colors other than the actual monogram. So that's what I'm going to show. 

1// You need to download the font: Monogram KK from dafont.com

2// Open a blank pages/word document. At this point I just used the white background because that's what I wanted. But you can change the color of the background of the font if you would like.

3// Write your monogram. I wrote aGr. It's in all caps when written in the font but if you do your first and middle initial it gives the effect of the monogram without having to individually adjust the font sizes on each letter.  The font size is REALLY small so you're definitely going to have to adjust that a little bit. 

4// Resize and change color. On my mac I used the font size of 144. And I changed the color to pink. 

5// Next I screenshotted just the area of the monogram. 

6// Then, I right clicked on the new photo of the monogram that I screenshotted on my desk top and clicked "set desktop background as".

7// Finally, I went to my desktop background settings. Changed the image setting to "center" and the background color to white. And this is the final result:

I'm obsessed with this! I love how simple it looks. 

If you follow the tutorial, screenshot your desktop and send it to me!

Preppy Little Lesbian

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