X.O.X.O Gossip Girl

The other day, I finished Gossip Girl. If you know me, I watch many, many shows at a really fast rate. I just start a series and I watch nothing but that until I run out of episodes. And usually I can just end a series and start a new one no problem. 
But for some reason, I got really attached to Gossip Girl. I cried like a baby during the last episode when I found out who Gossip Girl was, that Blair and Chuck had a kid, and that Serena and Dan got married. Everything turned out the way I imagined it would for the Manhattan’s Elite. 
Gossip Girl and the way they live is exactly who and what I want to be. I want Serena’s care-free attitude and beautiful hair, and overall looks. I want Blair’s style, her drive, her ability to scheme and to love, and I want her ambition. I want their easy flow of life, I want to have all of my needs taken care of. I want a trust fund, and to be able to get everything that I want.
I got SO attached to this show and I have no idea why. I know for a fact I’m going to be rewatching the whole series again, and I plan on reading the books. 
I seriously want to start living my life the way the upper east siders did, ESPECIALLY their style. Blair always looked so put together and that’s something I’m unable to do. 
I can’t believe Gossip Girl is all over for me. I really can’t. I can’t believe I’m this upset over a show. Now, to just read the books, rewatch the show, and try to live my life like they did. 
X.O.X.O Gossip Girl

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