As I sit at my desk, desperately trying to finish reading “Their Eyes Were Watching God” while making notes on ‘Examtime.com’ before the deadline tomorrow, I want nothing more than to be sitting in front of the fire with the Christmas tree lit, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling with my girl. I want the last two days back where it was dreary and cold and I could curl up in a blanket on the couch for hours because I had no responsibilities. 
Now with 3 tests, two quizzes and 1 project on the horizon, I have no time for anything other than my school work. Aside from those assignments, I have my senior (exit) project and I could not be happier that I only have 1(twoish) elements left. Even so, I still have no time to be happy with myself, content with the way I’m living my life, or even to breathe. 
There is not enough time in the world to begin to complete the things I need to do, along with the things I want to do. The progress I’ve made of the past two weeks has gone to shit because of these next two weeks worth of work that has to be completed before Christmas break. 
What I wouldn’t give for a break. A break away from school, away from homework, away from work and babysitting and people. Even on my Christmas break (6 and a half school days-but who’s counting) I’ll still be working my ass off to complete assignments and study for upcoming finals. It seems like it never ends. 
So as I listen to the ‘Soothing and Relaxation’ station on Pandora while substituting the fire for the candles in my room, substitute christmas movies for “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and my big comfy living room couch and blankets for my desk chair, I’ll be praying for more time in the day to get what I need to done. I have to keep closing my eyes and breathing to remind myself that all I have is 21 more days. 21 more days until I’m finished with my Senior Project, and done with this semester. And then it’s a breeze from there. Well, until I have to start planning, deciding and getting ready for college. Which, if you know me, will be a struggle all on it’s own. 
21 more days, Ally. 21 more days. Breathe…

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